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GPC-IR® Features

Polymer Char’s GPC-IR system is a reliable and fully automated high temperature Gel Permeation Chromatograph (GPC/SEC) instrument with up to four most sensitive detectors to measure the composition and molar mass of polyolefins.

GPC-IR is the only system specifically dedicated to polyolefin characterization, incorporating many of the features previously demanded by experienced high temperature GPC Users:

Comprehensive Detection for Polyolefins

IR4 or IR5 MCT (high sensitivity) as unique integrated infrared detectors, shown as best option for polyolefin analysis, to measure both concentration and also composition (SCB/1000C).

Triple detector configuration is completed by a four capillary bridge built-in viscometer made by Polymer Char and a Multi-Angle Light Scattering (DAWN® HELEOS™ II 8 or 18 angle of Wyatt Technology®).

Automated Sample Preparation

Fully automation throughout the whole process, including vials filling and filtration. Therefore, there is no manual handling of solvents at any moment: once the vials containing the dry samples are placed on the autosampler room temperature tray, the instrument takes care of the rest of the steps involved, with no vial transfer. An in-line filter with backflush cleaning is incorporated, automating this step as well.

  • Samples Care:

Samples Care

Dissolution time can be programmed individually for each vial, therefore, thermal degradation is minimized. Furthermore, a gentle shaking movement inside of the autosampler oven, helps in speeding up the dissolution process, without the shear stress due to magnetic stirring bars. In addition, oxygen can be removed from the vial by the automated nitrogen vials-purge system, in order to prevent oxidation of the dissolving polymer molecules.

Columns Care

GPC/SEC columns are fragile and need to be isolated from temperature changes. For this purpose, the GPC-IR was designed with a dedicated and precise (0.01ºC) oven to hold the columns exclusively. The columns oven can remain at high temperature even when the rest of the instrument needs to be cooled down.

Comprehensive Calculations Software

GPC One calculations software was developed with the leaders in the industry to meet the needs of both highly experienced and new users. All the detectors signals are integrated to become the most comprehensive calculations software package available in the market.

GPC One is complemented by built-in customizable reports and statistical quality control tools.

Modular Design

GPC-IR is designed to easily access to each component and facilitate the maintenance tasks when needed.


Polymer Char has counted for its GPC-IR system on the best OEM suppliers in each field. Besides performance, this results as well in high reliability.

This is the case of Agilent Technologies, the main hardware supplier of Polymer Char GPC-IR. In 2011 Polymer Char entered into a Global VAR (Value-Added Reseller) Agreement with the world's leader in chemical analysis instrumentation, to ensure the highest performance and reliability. With this new partnership, Polymer Char is able to keep improving its technology and offering better service to its customers worldwide.

Overcoming the historical maintenance problems usually arisen when working at high temperature GPC/SEC, Polymer Char’s GPC-IR represents a new generation in terms of reliability, repeatability and automation.

By the leader in Polyolefin Analysis

With installations in over 20 countries and analytical services provided to 35 countries, Polymer Char has clearly become the leader in research, engineering, software and service in polyolefin characterization.

Together with its global network of partners and distributors, the company supplies, trains and supports Customers worldwide.

Today, in the area of polyolefin research, you can rely on Polymer Char’s expertise and Customer commitment, by offering modern and reliable solutions and efficient service.

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