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This service is intended to obtain the Soluble Content (Xylene Solubles equivalent) in polypropylene, polyethylene and copolymers. When properly calibrated, the CRYSTEX Instruments provide equivalent numbers to that of Xylene Solubles corresponding to the ISO6427, App. B without requiring the use of Xylene nor handling solvents manually. The analysis is performed using TCB and o-DCB as solvents and the process is fully automated, from solvent filling through a final cleaning of the whole system.

The precision obtained with this method is very high as was shown by analyzing the same sample 50 times in a QC Industrial Laboratory, resulting in a 4.37% average Xylene Solubles value with a standard deviation of 0.08%.

To achieve results comparable to the ones being obtained in your own laboratory it is recommended to send 2 or 3 similar samples with known Xylene Solubles values. Besides concentration, optionally, ethylene incorporation and IV on the original sample, the amorphous fraction, and the crystalline fraction can also be provided.

Additional Detectors

These detectors are also used in some of our Soluble Fraction analyses (CRYSTEX® QC or CRYSTEX® 42):

Composition by IR4

Composition by IR4

A composition sensor can be placed in the infrared detector IR4 to measure ethylene incorporation both in the whole sample and also in the amorphous fraction.



The corresponding IV value of the whole sample and the amorphous fraction can be obtained by using a viscometer detector incorporated into the CRYSTEX Instruments.

Soluble Fraction Analytical Services Fees

To calculate your cost, please use the base amount (‘Standard’ in this case) and then add the corresponding amount as per any additional detectors or services you want to include.

CRYSTEX QC/42 (Price/Sample)First SampleAdditional Samples
Additional Detectors:
Composition (IR5 MCT)143€116€
Calibration for Composition186€0€
Calibration for Viscometer109€0€
Minimum sample amount CRYSTEX QC>3 g
Minimum sample amount CRYSTEX 42>1 g

Analytical Services Frequently Asked Questions

The fractionation service is available thanks to the Instruments PREP mc2 and PREP C20, capable of fractionating samples by molecular weight or by composition (TREF or CRYSTAF). Please visit the link Preparative Fractionation for more information.

The resulting fractions are later analyzed by the corresponding technique (GPC or TREF/CRYSTAF) to check the good performance of the fractionation process. Finally, the physical fractions are sent back to the customer by courier service as well as the analysis results of the fractions, so the customer can check the separation.

An Excel report with a summary of the results and averages is sent. The report contains the soluble fraction results and their equivalent in Xylene, but it also shows the C2 content and IV for the whole sample, and the soluble and crystalline fractions. If you have any question about the information sent, contact

Please send an email to and we will be pleased to help you.

To order any analytical service, please fill in the Analytical Service Request Form. Provide all the information available about the samples to be analyzed. Sent forms will be processed as formal orders for Polymer Char records. All the information provided is considered confidential information.

If a previous quotation is required, please do not hesitate to let us know by sending an email to

Samples should be shipped to:

Polymer Characterization S.A.
Valencia Technology Park
Gustave Eiffel 8
Paterna, Valencia
E-46980, Spain
Attn.: Analytical Services Department

We highly recommend to use courier service instead of post mail to ensure your samples arrive in good condition.

The standard response time is 3 weeks. This time is approximate and depends on the analysis queue in the laboratory at the time of the order. Polymer Char will inform the customer at the time of the order in case the response time is expected to be longer.

Urgent services (results sent within 10 days from the samples receipt) might be requested with a 50% surcharge. Please consult with Polymer Char the availability of this service and delivery time at the time of the order.

Please refer to our Analytical Services Terms and in the first chapter, you will find the necessary amount for each technique.

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