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Polymer Char offers a wide range of Analytical Services for Polyolefin samples in its Laboratories in Valencia. Polymer Char’s Laboratories are a global reference in the Polyolefin Characterization field since the most complete range of instruments and techniques for microstructural characterization are available; Molar Mass by high-temperature GPC-IR, Chemical Composition Distribution by CRYSTAF, TREF or CEF, Bivariate Distribution by Cross-Fractionation analysis (CFC), automated Xylene Solubles measurement by CRYSTEX, Preparative Fractionation by Molecular Weight and Composition, etc.

An infrared detector, Polymer Char’s IR4, the most appropriate detector for polyolefins, is used as a concentration detector in all the analytical techniques. Other detectors are also available in some of the techniques; like methyls or carbonyls content, highly sensitive methyls content measurement by IR5 for HDPE resins. A Viscometer or Light Scattering can also be adapted to some of the instruments. More recently, Polymer Char developed the IR6 Detector, with same capabilities and features than IR5 detector and the additional capability of measuring carbonyls group in the band of 1740 cm-1.  IR6 Detector is recommended for users willing to analyze polyolefin type EVA, EBA, and others with carbonyls group present in IR band above

GPC (Molar Mass) Analysis

Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) also known as Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) is a liquid chromatography technique, which separates molecules according to their size. Polymer Char performs GPC/SEC analyses for polyolefins, by using its own high-temperature Instrument, the GPC-IR, and the GPC-QC equipment.

Chemical Composition Distribution Analysis

Most polyolefin products are produced with the incorporation of comonomers to reduce crystallinity and to extend the range of product performance. To define these copolymers, chemical composition or comonomer incorporation parameter is required in addition to the molar mass distribution.

Bivariate Distribution Analysis

The direct measurement of the two-dimensional distribution by cross-fractionation in terms of both molar mass and chemical composition is the most comprehensive way of obtaining a full definition of the microstructure in Polyolefins, which could be further extended by the use of multiple detectors after the cross-fractionation process. This goal can be achieved by coupling GPC and TREF or TGIC techniques.

Preparative Fractionation Analysis

Fractionation of polymers by composition or molar mass allows the most comprehensive approach to the bivariate distribution studies since physical fractions from the parent sample are obtained. These fractions can be afterwards analyzed by whichever technique like TREF, CRYSTAF, GPC, NMR or DSC.

Soluble Fraction Analysis

The Soluble Fraction test is intended to measure the amorphous fraction of Polypropylene and Ethylene-Propylene copolymers. To obtain the amorphous content percentage, Polymer Char uses either CRYSTEX QC or CRYSTEX 42 depending on the requirements of the analysis. With all three instruments, precision and accuracy in the results are achieved through a fully-automated process.

Intrinsic Viscosity Analysis

This service obtains the intrinsic viscosity in polymeric materials, even of the most challenging ones such as high and ultrahigh molar mass polymers. The analysis is performed in the instrument IVA with TCB as solvent and 160°C as standard conditions and results show a good correlation with decaline results. Analysis with other solvents and other conditions are possible too.

Analytical Service Terms & Conditions

Minimum Sample Amount

AnalysisMinimum Required
GPC-IR>0.1 g
GPC-QC>1 g
CEF>1 g
TGIC>1 g
TREF>1 g
CFC>2 g
CRYSTEX 42>1 g
IVA>0.5 g
Fractionation by TREF>5 g resulting amount per fraction desired
Fractionation by CRYSTAF>5 g resulting amount per fraction desired
Fractionation by Molar Mass>5 g resulting amount per fraction desired

1. Minimum Sample Amount

A minimum sample amount will be required depending on the analytical service ordered. Please refer to the table above.

2. Solvents

Samples for routine analysis or fractionation services require being soluble via one or the two following solvents:
  • TCB.
  • oDCB.
Please consult Polymer Char Analytical Services team for more options.

3. Order Procedure

To order an analytical service, go to the webpage of the analytical service you wish to order. Scroll down until you find the Oder Form to fill out and send. You will be contacted to continue with the process of your sample. You can also contact us at to ask for a quotation.

4. Mailing Address

Samples should be shipped to:

Polymer Characterization S.A.
Valencia Technology Park
Gustave Eiffel 8, Paterna
Valencia, E-46980, Spain
Attn.: Analytical Services Department

5. Transport Responsibilities and Taxes

Sample delivery to our laboratories can be done by mail or courier at Client’s expenses. It is the Client’s responsibility to follow any safety rules concerning transportation. As per being samples with non-commercial value, import taxes should not be applicable. Therefore, Client will be responsible for assuming any import tax required if a significant sample value has been set in the shipping document.

6. Pricing Policy

Current prices are subject to change without notice. All standard services fees can be found at this website, in the “Fees” page of each corresponding technique. Please note that these prices are the same for every Client worldwide and are not negotiable.
Exceptionally, based on Polymer Char Price Policy, Public Universities and Non-Profit Research Institutes are granted with a 15% discount.

7. Response Time

Standard response time is 3 weeks (for fractionation services, this is the response time per sample to be fractionated). This time is approximate and depends on the analysis’ queue in the laboratory at the time of the order and number of samples to be analyzed. Polymer Char will inform the Client at the time of the order in case that response time is expected to be longer. Priority services (results sent within 10 days from the samples receipt) might be ordered with a 50% surcharge. Please consult us the availability of this service and delivery time at the time of the order.

8. Sample Results format

Sample results will be sent by email as standard practice.

9. Results Internal Store

Sample results will remain stored in Polymer Char server for 5 years.

10. Sample’s Delivery back to Client’s place

Unless otherwise requested, samples will be retained for 2 years.
Samples can be returned at the client’s expense by providing courier account.

11. Best Laboratory Practices, Samples’ Liability and Lawsuits

Results sent are based on our best corporate analytical procedures within the scope of generally accepted methods in the field of expertise and they are all performed with proper care and responsible approach.Polymer Char will be willing to duplicate or to do the necessary work to corroborate the results. However, it accepts no liability for the information supplied.

Regarding lawsuits, Polymer Char has the responsibility to avoid any conflict of interest that may result in its participation, therefore:

  • Polymer Char will not be responsible for the use made on the analytical services reports provided.
  • Polymer Char will not get involved in any lawsuit process related to the analysis information provided, beyond carrying out the analytical services requested under its best practices methodology.

12. Demonstration Samples

Polymer Char is glad to run demonstration samples if you are interested in acquiring an instrument and would like to test the results. The maximum number of samples run free of charge for CFC and Fractionation services is one. For all other instruments, the maximum are two samples.

13. Privacy Policy

Polymer Characterization, S.A. is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and the personal data that you may provide to Polymer Characterization, S.A. Polymer Characterization, S.A. acts in full compliance with the Spanish Law Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (the Law on the Protection of Personal Data). Therefore, in case you access parts of the website where you can provide personal data (e.g. Contact Form or Press Mailing List) your personal data will be processed and kept in strict accordance with the relevant legislation. You can exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation of opposition by writing to Polymer Characterization, S.A. to or to 8 Gustave Eiffel Str., Paterna, E-46980 Valencia, Spain.

This Privacy Policy affects as well to the Customers’ Samples’ Analysis’ results. If a Privacy Agreement is required by the Customer, please contact us.

For more information please contact us at

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