Webinar: Modern Separation Techniques for Polyolefin Microstructure Characterization

Alejandro Fernández


In this webinar the main separation techniques for analysis of distributions in polyolefins will be reviewed, with a special focus on the two basic pillars in polyolefin characterization: Molar Mass Distribution by high-temperature gel permeation chromatography (HT-GPC) with infrared (IR) detection and Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) techniques by CEF, CRYSTAF or TREF, especially important in polyolefin copolymers or blends.

Once those basic pillars are covered, bivariate distribution techniques provide a higher-level knowledge through 3D results that combine Molar Mass with Chemical Composition in a single experiment, such as CFC or SGIC 2D, delivering the full picture of the polyolefin microstructure.


Watch the Webinar

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