IVA Versa

An automated and versatile instrument to analyze the intrinsic viscosity of polymers at ambient temperature
such as PET, PS, PVA, PVC, PC, PMMA, PAN

IVA Versa

IVA Versa Overview

Fully-automated instrument for intrinsic viscosity analysis of polymers in solution.


The IVA Versa is an Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer designed to measure the IV of any kind of polymer that can be analyzed at room temperature.

The instrument’s versatility is achieved by a combination of different capillaries and pressure transducers, allowing for analysis of a wide range of resin types within the same hardware. Additionally, the IVA Versa offers various sample preparation systems, accommodating the specific requirements of each laboratory.

The IVA Versa is a completely automatic viscosity meter, it eliminates user contact with solvents, and provides accurate and reproducible results thanks to its automated process.



The IVA Versa complies with the ASTM D5225 (Standard Test Method for Measuring Solution Viscosity of Polymers with a Differential Viscometer).

IVA Versa is currently in the process of being included in the ISO ISO 1628-1, as alternative to the current method based on Ubbelohde glass capillaries.

IVA Versa Sample Preparation Options

Single Dissolution Station

Single Dissolution Station

· Capacity: 1 sample
· Bottles of 60mL or 120mL
· Temperature range from ambient up to 200°C
· Dissolution with magnetic stirrer
· Recommended for heterogeneous materials, like recycled PET (rPET), in all forms. Appropriate for medium/low number of analyses per day, monitoring production lines, etc.

High-capacity Autosampler

High-capacity Autosampler

· Capacity: 42 samples
· Vials of 20mL
· Temperature range from ambient up to 170°C
· Dissolution with shaking system
· Recommended for homogeneous materials, and polymers than float on the solvent used

High-speed Autosampler

High-speed Autosampler

· Capacity: 15 samples
· Bottles of 60mL or 120mL
· Dissolution at ambient temperature, or up to 200°C with additional "High-temperature Dissolution Accessory"
· Dissolution with magnetic stirrer
· Recommended for all materials homogeneous or heterogeneous, virgin or recycled in all forms. Appropriate when higher analysis throughput is required, large manufacturing facilities, R&D environments

IVA Versa Features

· Optimized for the analysis of a wide range of polymers at ambient temperature, around 20-45 ºC.
· Different sample preparation options depending on each laboratory’s needs.
· Full automation of dissolution and analysis processes. No manual solvent handling
· Self-cleaning design based on dual capillary relative viscometer
· Simple to operate and reliable instrument
· High precision achieved by automation
· Compatible with most organic solvents such as decaline, chloroform, tetrahydrofuran, tri-chlorobenzene, and others.

IVA Versa Detectors



The IVA Versa instrument integrates a robust dual-capillary relative viscometer which measures the relative viscosity of a polymer solution to that of the pure solvent itself and, from this value, the intrinsic viscosity of the polymer is calculated.

IVA Versa Software

The IVA Versa software controls the whole process, from filling the vials with solvent, to dissolving and injecting the sample. Therefore, the end-user tasks only consist of weighing the sample in the vial and placing it in the instrument. From that point on, all the needed steps are performed by the instrument with no manual intervention.

The IVA Versa Software has been built as a Virtual Instrument, with the possibility of operating all the instrument hardware parts from the computer, and receiving feedback from all the actions and detectors signals.

To request a demo, please contact us

IVA Versa FAQs

The main purpose of IVA Versa is to analyze the intrinsic viscosity of any polymer at ambient temperature, such as Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other polyesters, Polystyrene (PS), Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Polyvinyl Chloride resins (PVC), Polycarbonate (PC), Thermoplastic Polyester (TP), Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), Cellulose diacetate, Polyacrylonitrile (PAN), to name a few.

Other applications are also possible. If your sample is not listed above, please contact us for more information.

The IVA Versa can be configured with different sample preparation systems depending on the number of samples that need to be analyzed per day/week and how homogeneous they are.

The Single Dissolution Station can only dissolve 1 sample at a time, the High-capacity Autosampler can manage up to 42 samples unattended, dissolving them in batches of 6, and the High-speed Autosampler can handle up to 15 samples dissolving all of them at the same time.

Dissolution time will depend on the type of polymer and dissolution system of choice. Analysis time is between 10 – 20 minutes depending on the dissolution system and number of injections per vial.

Single Dissolution Station: 100 - 200 mg
High-capacity Autosampler: 50 - 100 mg
High-speed Autosampler: 100 - 200 mg

The IVA Versa is compatible with any organic solvents.
The solvent used will depend on the polymer to analyze, as the polymer has to be in solution for the analysis.

Some examples:
PET: Mixtures of phenol:TCE and phenol:orto-dichlorobenzene.
PLA: Chloroform, tetrahydrofuran.
PAN: Dimethylformamide.

This instrument is designed for room temperature analysis. The analysis and dissolution temperatures are independent, and in terms of sample preparation, different options are available according to high or ambient temperature and number of samples, so different temperatures can be used for each step.

This is useful for samples like PET, that are analyzed at ambient temperature but need to be dissolved at high temperature.

The only manual tasks required are weighing the dry samples, putting them inside disposable glass bottles, and placing those bottles in the sample preparation system. The rest of the steps are performed by the instrument automatically: filling the vials with solvent, sample dissolution, injection, as well as rinsing the valves and lines.

As the samples are being analyzed, a summary table with the automatic calculations generated by the software is shown on the computer screen.
The user always has the possibility of validating the results generated automatically with the IVA Versa software.
A reporting tool has also been developed to generate Excel reports adapted to each user needs.

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