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Whether you already have a Polymer Char instrument or are in the process of acquiring one and would like to learn more about its daily operation, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting procedures, and calculations, the UTM is a highly recommended training to attend.

These sessions are organized once a year in Polymer Char offices in Valencia, Spain, and another session is organized every two years in either China or USA.

Of special interest is the UTM held in Valencia, where users have the whole range of Polymer Char instruments at their disposal. This makes the practical sessions more effective and increases the customers’ comprehension of the instruments and techniques.


Who should attend a UTM:

  • Customers that have recently acquired a Polymer Char instrument. After the training session held at the customer’s facilities during the installation, it is highly recommended to attend the UTM to consolidate the newly acquired knowledge.
  • Customers who have been using their instrument for a long time may also find this program interesting as it will update them on the latest improvements in hardware and software.



The Users Training Meeting is designed to provide a response to questions such as:

  • What are the basic polyolefin characterization techniques?
  • How can I operate my instrument?
  • How can I improve the handling of my instrument?
  • What should I do as preventive maintenance?
  • Which steps should I follow for troubleshooting?
  • How should I interpret my results?



The next Users Training Meeting will be organized in Valencia, Spain in May 26-27, 2022.


The program will be posted here in the upcoming weeks but you can view last edition’s program below:

UTM 2019 Program

UTM 2019 Brochure

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