Maintenance Contracts

Equipment Maintenance and Services Contracts



Valid period

Instrument verification

Set of consumable parts

Replacement parts

Free software updates

Small hardware upgrades

Free remote control access for consultation, updates, diagnostics and hardware testing

Email and telephone support

Preventive maintenance visit*

Technical service visit**: Response

Technical service visit**: Travel costs

Technical services visit**: labour costs



1 year (Jan - Dec)

Via trace and log files


25% Discount






Subject to availability

At cost price

At hourly rate


2nd, 3rd, 4th year

1 year (Jan - Dec)









Less than 15 days

At cost price


* One planned visit to the Customer lab by a Polymer Char Engineer to perform equipment testing and preventive maintenance tasks. This visit is not intended to repair a malfunctioning instrument and must be organized at least three months in advance for arranging travelling agenda. Subject to Engineer’s availability, part of the time can be devoted to an on-site presentation on new technologies and applications. Total time required for a standard visit is 8 hours per equipment, plus 4 hours per additional instrument that may be contracted in the service plan. E.g.: 16 working hours visit for 3 instruments to be serviced. ** Given the simple hardware design of the instrument, the good diagnostic tools incorporated into the software and the remote control capability, major maintenance tasks can be done by the Customer. However, the Customer may ask for the presence of a Polymer Char Engineer to carry on any requested service, which first per year will be free of charge. This first service would be carried out with the expected urgency and always within 15 days of request. For additional Customer requests, in case Polymer Char Engineers consider the need of an on-site service, they would also be carried out within 15 days of call . Those additional services will also be free of charge for the labour hours but Customer shall cover hotel and travel costs that will be invoiced as additional services.

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