Soluble Fraction Measurement

Measurement of the Soluble Fraction Percentage without the use of Xylene, and with additional information of Ethylene Content and Intrinsic Viscosity of the entire sample, the soluble fraction, and the crystalline fraction.

Molar Mass for QC

GPC-QC delivers the complete Molar Mass Distribution for one sample through a simplified workflow, while keeping a fully automated sample preparation and an analysis free of manual solvent handling throughout the entire process. The complete analysis takes 30 minutes including dissolution.

Intrinsic Viscosity

IVA is based on Polymer Char’s recently developed QC platform, which integrates, in a reduced footprint, a robust dual-capillary relative viscometer combined with a high-temperature autosampler with a capacity for 42 samples. IVA can analyze a wide range of polymers with IV values from 0.5dL/g up to over 40dL/g, such as polyolefins, PET, PAN, PMMA, and others, by using almost any organic solvent.