Webinar: Recent developments in the characterization of Polyolefins. An overview of modern separation techniques.

Presented in collaboration with Asociación Brasileña de Polímeros (ABPol) and dpUNION. March, 2021

Alberto Ortín


In this webinar the main separation techniques for analysis of distributions in polyolefins are reviewed, with a focus on recent developments.
Principles and applications of High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography (HT-GPC) with Infrared (IR) detection will be discussed. We will briefly introduce the importance of Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) in polyolefin copolymers or blends, as well as the techniques for CCD determination.
Preparative fractionation is also a very important topic in R&D, this will be illustrated by some examples of fractionation using different methods.
Finally, recent developments which allow the implementation of new instrumental techniques for process control and product quality control will be introduced, together with practical examples showing their advantages over traditional tools.


Watch the Webinar

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