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GPC One® Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that acquiring a lab instrument is an important decision, furthermore if Polyolefins’ research is related with your core business.

Although you can ask directly to our consultants whenever you want, you may prefer to know first the answers to the most typical questions about our instruments. Here are packed the most relevant questions about GPC One Software.



Which is the purpose of GPC One Software?
The high temperature GPC / SEC technique requires complex data processing as multi-detection methods become widespread. Processing all the detectors signals in a single software environment and in a uniform manner is a wish for most users. Tracking the quality of the results given by the instrument is a very important aspect to easily validate or reject a given analysis. In many cases, it is also necessary to adapt the results and to process the company unique needs. Polymer Char’s GPC One Software platform has been developed to achieve all those goals.

Which is the advantage of using GPC One Software?
GPC One Software has been developed in collaboration with the leaders in the industry and integrates all the detectors signals in a single software package. Moreover, it is the most comprehensive data processing software available in the market as it is possible to customize the calculations and calibration procedures as well as the generated reports. Unique protocols that many companies need to follow for implementing specific data corrections or established calculation methods are integrated seamlessly in the standard software.

Which signals will be available in the Software?
Infrared Detectors, Light Scattering, Viscometer, Refractive Index, etc. The signals from all the detectors are incorporated into the same package for processing and reporting, so there is no need to have a different software application for each detector.

Can I average samples?
Yes, when doing several injections of the same sample, averaging them before processing increases the signal to noise ratio, so the baseline and integration limits are better set.

Do I need to process the samples one by one?
No, the software allows to process at the same time more than one sample, giving you the ability to set different calculation parameters for each one (smoothing factors, integration limits, etc.), at the same time that shows you an overlay of all of them, as well as the calculated results in a table for easy comparison.

Can I include my own calculations to the Software?
Yes, the GPC One Software is designed in a way that can accept external algorithms to process the sample in a different way than the standard one provided by Polymer Char.

Which additional features can I get?
An integrated SQC tool is available in the software, which will help to track the status of the GPC instrument.

What is the SQC tool?
The SQC (Statistical Quality Control) tool keeps track of a set of given parameters (plate count, average pump pressure, Mw, Mn of a control sample, etc.) with time, and you can see visually whether the current values are within the confident limits, and then conclude whether your results are good or not.

Can I customize my reports?
Yes, the reports rely on templates completely customizable by the user and can be exported to Excel, ASCII, Jpg, Pdf, etc.

Can I export my data?
Yes, data or reports can be exported directly to Excel or ASCII.

Can I check which calibration was used to process a sample?
Yes, with every sample processed, the information of which calibration was used is saved, so it can be retrieved at any time.

Can I use GPC One Software if I have other vendor’s GPC instruments?
GPC One Software can be used with any existing GPC instrument by means of the Data Unit 200, which is an A/D interface to link any instrument with Polymer Char’s GPC One Software modules.

Can GPC One Software be integrated with corporate LIMS?
Yes, GPC One database can be integrated with the existing company Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Which are the minimum requisites for my computer to install it?
Computer with Windows XP or superior, 512 MB RAM, screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels.

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