Microstructure Characterization of Polyolefins. TREF and CRYSTAF. Progress in Olefin Polymerization Catalysts and Polyolefin Materials

Published in: Asian Polyolefin Workshop. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis.
Volume 161, 2006, Pages 35-42.
Author: B. Monrabal
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The introduction of single-site catalysts in the polyolefins industry has opened new possibilities in polymer design through multiple reactor-catalyst systems. Very often this approach results in bimodal or trimodal composition distributions and unique composition-molar mass dependence; the performance of these resins is very sensitive to small microstructure variations. The analysis of the Chemical Composition Distribution has been, in those cases, the most important analytical task. The separation techniques being used in the characterization of the Chemical Composition Distribution, TREF and CRYSTAF, are discussed with examples for various types of polyolefins.

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