CRYSTAF: A new approach to the Composition Analysis of Semicrystalline polymers

Published in: Macromolecular Symposia.
Volume 110, 1996, Pages 81-86.
Author: B. Monrabal.
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Crystallization Analysis Fractionation is a new technique for the analysis of composition distribution in semicrystalline polymers; more specifically for the analysis of branching distribution in Polyethylene and tacticity in Polypropylene type resins. CRYSTAF as well as TREF (Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation) are separation techniques which fractionate species of differing crystallizability by slow cooling of a polymer solution. TREF however, demands in addition to the crystallization step a second temperature cycle, elution step, to obtain information on polymer composition. CRYSTAF, on the other hand, extracts the information in the crystallization cycle by monitoring the solution concentration depression as temperature goes down; thus reducing significantly the analysis time and symplifiyng the hardware needs. The simultaneous analysis of five samples is carried out in less than six hours. CRYSTAF principles are discussed and various applications are described.

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