Crystallizability of Ethylene Homopolymers by Crystallization Analysis Fractionation

Published in: Journal of Polymer Science.
Part B: Polymer Physics. Volume 39, Issue 14, 2001, Pages 1616-1628.
Authors: J. Nieto, T. Oswald, F. Blanco, J. B. P. Soares, B. Monrabal.
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The effect of molecular weight and long‐chain branching on the crystallization analysis fractionation (CRYSTAF) of ethylene homopolymers was investigated. Several ethylene homopolymers were prepared with different molecular weights and levels of long‐chain branching to isolate these effects from the dominant effect of comonomer content on crystallizability measured by CRYSTAF. Molecular weight effects might be significant for samples with number‐average molecular weights below 5000, but this effect can be corrected if terminal methyl groups are taken into account. Long‐chain branching has only a very small effect on the CRYSTAF profile of the samples investigated in this study.

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