Poster: Simplified CRYSTEX for the Analysis of Xylene Solubles in Polypropylene

Presented at Pittcon Conference & Expo, 2011. Atlanta, GA, USA.

Benjamín Monrabal, Loli Romero, Pilar del Hierro, Alberto Ortín. Polymer Char, Valencia, Spain.



The Analysis of Xylene Solubles is an important test for Polypropylene process control and for qualifying polymer performance. However, Xylene Solubles analysis is a long and tedious task that demands large amounts of solvent. New techniques that overcome those difficulties are being implemented in the industry, like the fully automated CRYSTEX approach, which demands less solvent and performs the analysis in a shorter amount of time.


In this paper, a modified approach to perform CRYSTEX is presented. A modified TREF column used for polymer solution precipitation and elution replaces the vessel and filtration approach of the classical CRYSTEX apparatus. This results in a significant reduction of solvent consumption and a shorter analysis time, appropriate for quality control laboratories.


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