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CEF Software

The CEF Software is specifically designed for controlling and automating the process; no manpower is required. The software deals with the whole process, including samples preparation with the vials filling and dissolution.

A wide range of the CEF analytical process conditions are available to the user, to allow the needed flexibility for both routine analysis and research jobs, as well as to allow running a standard TREF analysis.

Up to 42 samples can be managed by the software to be run with no supervision. As each sample from the run-queue is injected and eluted, results can already be accessed from the calculations database to be reviewed, overlaid with others, to generate a report, export to Excel… even though the instrument is still running.

Manual mode in the software is also incorporated as in the rest of Polymer Char’s instruments, so the autosampler, dispenser, ovens, pump, etc.; can be directly operated by the user by means of a powerful Virtual Instrumentation interface.

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