Webinar: Fully Automated Instrument for Solution Viscosity in Polymeric Materials

Presented at the 16th Brazilian Polymer Congress. October 2021

Alberto Ortín


IVA is a compact and fully automated instrument for measuring the intrinsic viscosity in a wide range of polymers from ambient temperature up to 200ºC. The process is entirely performed without user intervention nor handling any solvents including filling of vials and dissolution of the samples, thanks to an autosampler with capacity of up to 42 samples. At the core of the IVA, a robust two capillary viscometer collects relative viscosity data from which intrinsic viscosity is derived. The stainless steel capillaries design is self-cleaning and self-calibrating, ensuring reliable and reproducible data. Furthermore, the instrument adds safety to the process thanks to the full automation, thus IVA becomes a practical and convenient alternative to manual or semi-automated methods. A series of applications are here presented demonstrating the operation of the new method, from room temperature to high temperature, for low to very
high viscosity polymers (PET, cellulose esters, polyolefins…)


Watch the Webinar

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