Quality Policy

Quality Policy

EU Declaration of Conformity

CE Marking

As a manufacturer, we declare that the equipment and instruments that we commercialize and manufacture are in compliance with all the essential and relevant EU legislation applicable to a product.

Commitment to Quality


Polymer Char is a client-driven company. We know what purpose our instruments need to serve: provide advanced analytical solutions to the petrochemical and polymer research industries so they can get a deeper understanding of their products and processes to develop more suitable polymers for each market application.


Polymer Char operates under a Quality Management System that incorporates ISO 9001 regulatory requirements and provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance every day to result in products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. To achieve and maintain this status Polymer Char pursues excellence in all tasks and processes. Polymer Char employees take ownership of this behavior and are integral members of a close teamwork effort towards continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 Certification

At Polymer Char the search of excellence and continuous improvement are the key driving forces of the quality management program and they are regularly reviewed in the following processes:


  • Quality Management System follow-up monthly meetings between the designated team and the managing Director.
  • Continuous Improvement Meetings (weekly) to review any quality incident or potential improvement aspect which was identified during the week. This is the workhorse of our product quality program with strong dedication and participation of all employees, both from technical and management areas.
  • Analytical Service Meeting (weekly), with all the chemists and technicians to discuss analytical results and review any quality incidents.


  • General EHSS and Quality Meeting (weekly) with all company employees to review monthly audit results and extend quality and safety training.
  • Instrument Installations and Technical Services reports. Recording customer feedback and analyzing any unexpected incidents.

The sum of these driving forces to raise world-class quality standards is what we call Innovation & Continuous Improvement. This is how we summarize our Quality Management Philosophy and will undoubtedly play an essential role in the pursuit of our vision and success.


This Quality Policy Statement has been developed in cooperation with all company members and is available in our Quality Management System Book, on our Facilities Notice Board and on our Company Website.


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