Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Polymer Char’s Mission is to become the global leader in the development of state-of-the-art Instrumentation, as well as in Analytical and Consulting Services; in the field of Polymer Characterization.

Polymer Char carries out its Mission with responsibility and integrity, with a technology and innovative driving-force through significant Research & Development activities, maintaining high-quality standards and commitment in all of its tasks, respecting its Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Distributors, and the environment.

The values of Polymer Char are based on its own principles, and represent the pillars of all its best practices. Consequently, its values are the main channel to reach its Mission, while getting responsible results.

Therefore, Mission and Values are not separated issues in the Polymer Char day-to-day activity. The company is convinced that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, and the essence of this ‘whole’ is the continuous improvement and search of excellence.

Our Values

Exceptional Customer Care


Over the years, customer service has grown beyond being a value – it has become a guiding philosophy that shapes our interactions and approach with our clients. While we acknowledge that hardware, software, and processes don’t always go as smoothly and flawlessly as we intend, there’s one aspect in which consistency is unabated: our connection with our clients. Our responsiveness, attitude, commitment, and efforts to address any issue or client’s need are the priority and underscore our dedication to maintaining an exceptional client relationship.

For this reason, at Polymer Char, we believe that Exceptional Customer Care is an art, and we have a formula for it.


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