Company Overview

Company Overview

Polymer Char offers the broadest and most modern range of instruments and services for the structural characterization of polyolefins, such as Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC/SEC), Chemical Composition Distribution, Bivariate Distribution, High-Temperature HPLC, Soluble Fraction determination, Quality Control, Intrinsic Viscosity measurement, Preparative Fractionation or Infrared Detection.

Polymer Char is also well-known for its advanced approach to Virtual Instrumentation Software Architecture (VISA) that, together with excellent remote control capabilities and its strong commitment to Customer’s success, places the company at the leading edge on instrumentation diagnostics and technical support.

Together with its global network of partners and distributors, Polymer Char supplies, trains, and supports customers worldwide. The company provides analytical services to more than 35 countries, and its instruments are present

today in over 25 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific, predominantly serving Polymer Producers and Processors, Government and Contract Research Laboratories, and Universities that work on polymer research.

In the last two decades and with an average annual investment of 20% of its manpower resources on R&D, Polymer Char has played a key role in the development of most of the existing polyolefin characterization technologies, such as CRYSTAF, CRYSTEX, CEF, automated CFC, and TREF, or GPC with IR detection. Each new project, each new analysis, makes clearer Polymer Char recognition as The Polyolefin Characterization Company.

In the area of polyolefin analysis, you can rely on Polymer Char’s technical excellence, expertise, and overall Customer commitment, together with high-quality solutions and good service.

Letter from the Founder and CEO

As you browse through the website, you will find a large set of tools, patented technologies and superb engineering to support the challenging field of polyolefin characterization.

We know of the instrument complexity demanded to characterize polyolefins, and how tedious lab operations may become in this field. With a strong commitment to innovation, and working close to our customers, Polymer Char has pursued a new scenario of automation, speed, and ease of use. We have developed and patented new technologies to analyse the chemical composition distribution, like CEF, a standard in the industry that is also able to operate in TGIC mode, or the benchtop CFC and SGIC instruments. We put more resources than ever before towards developing our best high temperature GPC solution the GPC-IR®- which is also the instrument of reference in its field and will soon be coming with new detectors. We have developed a series of quality control instruments to provide fast results to better monitor products and processes. We launched the LabAid solutions to make things easier in the daily lab operations. We are continuously hiring good and talented people.

While these are just some examples of how we are energizing our business to adapt to our customers’ needs, we are also running a series of initiatives that will ensure that our organization becomes more efficient and sustainable. We have initiated an internal engagement program which includes a series of events in which all employees take part, including sponsoring sport events. We are bringing experts from various disciplines to our site to share their learnings. By the end of 2020 we will inaugurate a new Analytical Laboratories Center next to our headquarters in Valencia. This will showcase a state-of-the-art lab and ensure there is full dedication and greater performance in our analytical services business.

Polymer Char has become a mark that represents excellence. We are well recognized by the talent and attitude of our employees, which is also extended to our official distributors.

Looking forward, you have our commitment that we will continue guiding our business with true dedication to our customers, a relentless effort to continuously improve our solutions, a responsible position towards the environment, and integrity and ethical principles on everything we do.


Benjamín Monrabal Bas
Founder and CEO

How to Arrive

Polymer Char is located in The Valencia Technology Park in Paterna, which is about 13.6 km (8.4 miles) from the City of Valencia. It is also approximately 11 km (6.8 miles) from the Manises Valencia Airport, and it usually takes from 15 up to 25 minutes to arrive by car (depending on traffic).

Download a detailed guide here:

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