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International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization

The International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) was born to satisfy the need for an international conference specifically focused on polyolefin characterization, since by then most of the existing polyolefin conferences dealt with catalyst and reaction engineering.

The ICPC Conference covers different aspects on Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) molecular architecture characterization, including molar mass distribution (GPC/SEC), comonomer incorporation and distribution, long chain branching, crystallinity and rheological properties.

Organized by Polymer Char, ICPC previous editions have been celebrated in Houston, TX, U.S.A. (2006, 2012, 2018), in Valencia, Spain (2008, 2014), and in Shanghai, China (2010, 2016) covering this way the whole world map and becoming the truly unique international conference on the field of polyolefin characterization.

With attendees coming from over 25 countries and from the leading polyolefin players, around 35 lectures and 40 poster presentations in the last editions, ICPC unifies the participation of researchers from both industry and academia throughout all the continents, becoming the unique platform for learning, sharing and networking. ICPC is supported by many petrochemicals, research and instrumentation manufacturers leaders.

Technical Committee

The ICPC Technical Committee is represented by:

  • Dr. Benjamin Monrabal. Polymer Char, Spain.
  • Dr. Colin Li Pi Shan. The Dow Chemical Company, U.S.A.
  • Prof. João Soares. University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • Prof. Minoru Terano. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
  • Prof. Dujin Wang. Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

The Conference is coordinated by Ms. Raquel Úbeda, Polymer Char, Spain.

The ICPC Conference and Short Course is accompanied by a Short Course, Poster Sessions, a Booth Area and Vendor Lectures.


ICPC editions has been supported in previous editions by many petrochemical, instrumentation and laboratory service providers such as:

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Anton Paar
  • Borealis
  • Braskem
  • Chevron Phillips
  • DPI, Dutch Polymer Institute
  • ExxonMobil Chemical
  • Fraunhofer LBF
  • Freeslate
  • Jordi Labs
  • LCGC, Advanstar Group
  • Lyondellbasell
  • Malvern Instruments
  • Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material Co.,Ltd
  • Petro Industry News
  • Polymer Laboratories, now part of Varian
  • Postnova Analytics
  • Progression Inc.
  • PSS, Polymer Standards Service
  • SABIC, Saudi Basic Industries
  • SCG Chemicals
  • Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group
  • Tosoh Bioscience
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Varian
  • Viscotek
  • Waters
  • Wyatt Technology

Previous editions

Imagen Venue / Year: Attendees: Lectures
/ Posters:

Houston, TX,
U.S.A., 2006


31 / 29


Valencia, Spain


35 / 38


Shanghai, China


35 / 45


The Woodlands
TX, U.S.A. 2012


39 / 30


Valencia, Spain


51 / 31


Shanghai, China


38 / 36


Houston (TX), USA


35 / 35


Next Edition: 8th ICPC

Venue:Valencia, Spain.

Date: October 25-28, 2020.


Intended for

The ICPC Conference is targeted at Researchers (Manager, Users and Postdoctorate Students) from the following industries:

  • Polyolefin Producers and Processors.
  • Contract Research Organizations.
  • Government Laboratories.
  • Academic Research Laboratories.
  • Analytical and Testing Laboratories.
  • Instruments Manufacturers.

Technical Program

The typical ICPC Conference program covers:

  • Separation and Fractionation.
  • Molecular Structure and Properties.
  • Morphology.
  • Thermal analysis.
  • Rheology.
  • Spectroscopy.

Short Course Program

A Short Course on Analytical and Preparative Separation Techniques takes places the first day of the conference. This one-day course complements the meeting by providing new researchers an opportunity to engage the world’s experts to share their knowledge and experiences of polyolefin characterization. Topics typically covered are:

  • Introduction to Polyolefin Microstructure.
  • GPC/SEC Basics, Practical Considerations and Applications.
  • Chemical Composition Distribution: TREF, CRYSTAF and CEF.
  • Cross Fractionation.
  • High Temperature HPLC of Polyolefins.
  • Preparative Fractionation.

Macromolecular Symposia ICPC editions

Many oral and poster presentations full papers presented at previous ICPC editions have been collected in special Macromolecular Symposia books and dedicated to each edition, published by Wiley VCH and edited by Prof. João Soares:

  • Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 257. Polyolefin Characterization, ICPC 2006. Editor: Prof. João Soares. Publisher: Wiley-VCH.
  • Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 282. Polyolefin Characterization, ICPC 2008. Editor: Prof. João Soares. Publisher: Wiley-VCH.
  • Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 312. Polyolefin Characterization, ICPC 2010. Editor: Prof. João Soares. Publisher: Wiley-VCH.
  • Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 330. Polyolefin Characterization, ICPC 2012. Editor: Prof. João Soares. Publisher: Wiley-VCH.
  • Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 356. Polyolefin Characterization, ICPC 2014. Editor: Prof. João Soares. Publisher: Wiley-VCH.
  • Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 377. Polyolefin Characterization, ICPC 2016. Editor: Prof. João Soares. Publisher: Wiley-VCH.

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