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Below are all of Polymer Char’s latest news both on Corporate Affairs and new Products:

19 May, 2020 8th ICPC Postponed to 2021 In light of the recent events concerning COVID-19, and following the recommendations from health authorities, the ICPC Committee has decided to postpone the celebration of the 8th ICPC to October 17-20, 2021. The venue will continue being Valencia, Spain.
21 July, 2019 Valencia to host 8th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization The ICPC Committee have just announced that the 8th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization will take place for the third time Valencia, Spain on October 26-28, 2020.
05 March, 2018 7th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) to be held on October 2018 in Houston TX (USA). The ICPC Committee is pleased to announce that the 7th Edition of the International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization will be hosted for the third time in Houston, Texas (USA), one of the world’s largest concentrations of petrochemical production.
16 November, 2017 Polymer Char celebrates its 25th Anniversary The end of this year marks a special milestone in Polymer Char's history, as the company celebrates 25 years since the first instrument for polyolefin characterization was developed. The company has since then launched 13 instruments, created an analytical services unit, provided expert consulting and training to users, and introduced a line of accessories specifically developed for a polyolefin characterization laboratory
03 March, 2017 Solvent Handling Trolley for large volumes of heavy solvents Polymer Char announces the second item of its newly introduced line of accessories designed for Polyolefin Characterization. The Solvent Handling Trolley is a convenient tool designed to transfer fresh and waste solvents, such as TCB and DCB, between a filling station and different instruments without coming into direct contact with neither solvents nor vapors. Thanks to the SHT, solvents can be transferred in a safe and convenient way around the laboratory.
20 December, 2016 Automated External Filtration System for carbon black and other additives of small particle size in Polyolefins. Polymer Char announces the launch of a completely automated external filtration system for Filtration is required in many cases before injection, when using light scattering detectors, but also to extend the life of fragile GPC columns.; the EFS is an automated, fast and innovative apparatus for eliminating carbon black, rest of catalysts or other additives of small particle size that may be present in polyolefin samples
28 June, 2016 A line of accessories specifically designed for Polyolefin Characterization laboratories is the first to be created Polymer Char announces that it will be launching a complete line of accessories, all thought to facilitate routine tasks in the laboratory, specifically, a polyolefin characterization one. Aiming at creating the most complete range of products for PO characterization, in addition to the widest arrange of instruments, analytical services, and expert consulting; this new category comes to close a full-circle of solutions
18 August, 2015 6th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) to be held on November 2016 in Shanghai, China The ICPC Committee pleased to announce that the 6th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization & Short Course on Polyolefin Characterization Techniques will be held on November 6-9, 2016 in Shanghai, China
15 April, 2015 CRYSTEX® 42, a high-throughput system for simultaneous measurement of the soluble fraction, ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity Polymer Char's CRYSTEX® 42 is a large-capacity and fully-automated approach for obtaining the soluble fraction in homogeneous (pelletized) polypropylene and copolymers in two hours per sample including dissolution. This instrument stands as a modern alternative to the traditional wet chemistry method based on xylene solubility, known for being very time-consuming and requiring constant manual handling of solvent at high temperature.
15 April, 2015 Fast GPC/SEC for molar mass distribution in production and plant environments. GPC-QC is a compact high-temperature GPC/SEC instrument for quality control and process control in polyolefin manufacturing lines, providing robust and precise Molar Mass Distribution
25 November, 2014 Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer fully-automated instrument for determination of viscosity in polymeric materials soluble at elevated temperature Polymer Char introduces IVA in response to the market's need for a reliable and automated instrument for Intrinsic Viscosity analysis of polymeric materials, which can sometimes require temperatures from 40°C up to 200°C for dissolution.
10 October, 2014 Automated column-based preparative fractionation for polyolefins and other polymers Polymer Char announces the launch of PREP C20. Due to the manual manipulation of large volumes of hot solvent, fractionation of polyolefins has always been a difficult and physically demanding task. Polymer Char's PREP C20 is a fully automated column-based fractionation equipment capable of fractionating up to 20 grams of polymer - depending on the sample - according to its chemical composition
25 May, 2013 New and fully- automated Interaction Chromatography Instruments for Polyolefins Polymer Char has launched a series of fully automated instruments for High Temperature HPLC, performing Thermal Gradient and Solvent Gradient Interaction Chromatography techniques for polyolefin analysis.
02 May, 2013 5th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) to be held September 21-24, 2014 in Valencia, Spain We are pleased to announce that the 5th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization & Short Course on Polyolefin Characterization Techniques will be held September 21 – 24, 2014 in Valencia, Spain.
11 April, 2013 New CRYSTEX QC® for Quality Control laboratories in Polypropylene Manufacturing The new Polymer Char CRYSTEX® QC instrument represents a step forward in technology for automation of the amorphous phase determination, previously measured as Xylenes Solubles; in Manufacturing Quality Control laboratories of Polypropylene (PP).
08 August, 2012 New High Temperature GPC/SEC System with improved Sensitivity and Automation for Polyolefin Analysis Polymer Char announces the development of a renewed reliable and fully automated 4D Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC/SEC) system with a significant improvement in the IR detectors to measure the composition and molar mass of polyolefins.
08 June, 2011 Polymer Char announces VAR Partnership Agreement with Agilent Technologies Polymer Char has entered into a global VAR (Value-Added Reseller) Partnership Agreement with Agilent Technologies, effective April 13, 2011. Polymer Char, has been incorporating for almost two decades chromatography equipments from Agilent Technologies, the global leader measurement company, in its final Polyolefin Analysis solutions, to ensure the highest instrument performance and reliability
18 August, 2010 GPC One, the most Comprehensive Software for Polyolefin Analysis Polymer Char has announced the release of its GPC One software platform, developed to fulfill the requirements of the Polyolefin characterization laboratories. According to the company, this new platform is able to integrate in a single user-friendly interface, information gathered by the different detectors used in this industry, including multiple angle laser light scattering, different types of viscometers as well as infrared detectors for chemical composition analysis
26 July, 2009 New automated Cross-Fractionation instrument for the Composition-Molar Mass Dependence analysis of Polyolefins. Polymer Char has developed a compact, robust and fully automated instrument for measuring the bivariate distribution of Polyolefins by TREF fractionation and subsequent GPC analysis of the fractions in a single experiment; the CFC. The bivariate distribution is obtained as a 3D plot to describe the Composition–Molar mass interdependence of the sample.
26 February, 2009 GPC-IR, the most advanced GPC/SEC instrument for Polyolefin analysis Polymer Char launches its new High Temperature GPC instrument. The GPC-IR is specially designed for Polyolefin analysis and provides its users with an advanced modular design, an improved detection stability and full automation of the analytical process. The GPC-IR fully automated operation process eliminates the need of solvent handling.

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