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Soluble Fraction analysis (Xylene solubles)

The Soluble Fraction test is designed to measure the amorphous fraction of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene copolymers. The accuracy and precision of this test are very important to the process and product specifications of the resultant materials.

Traditionally, the Soluble Fraction analysis is done by using the gravimetric method, which requires manual operation along the whole process. As a result, the precision is poor and the procedure is time consuming.

Polymer Char’s CRYSTEX, CRYSTEX QC, and CRYSTEX 42 automate this method while obtaining higher precision and accuracy in the results as well as avoiding manual solvents handling.


    Automated Soluble Fraction measurement with no manual solvents handling, including sample preparation and final rinsing.
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    Reliable and fully automated instrument for amorphous phase determination in PP/EP Manufacturing QC laboratories.
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  • CRYSTEX 42

    CRYSTEX® 42: high-throughput system for simultaneous measurement of the soluble fraction, ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity in a fully automated process for up to 42 samples.
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