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Our Businesses

Polymer Char’s main business is the development of the latest technology in instrumentation for Polymer Analysis, and more specifically for Structural Characterization of Polyolefins. It also provides analytical, fractionation and consulting services:

Analytical Instrumentation

  • GPC-IR: The new generation of High Temperature GPC/SEC, dedicated to the Molar Mass Distribution analysis of polyolefins. Fully automated sample preparation and filtration, with triple detector (c/V/ LS) and Composition Sensor (IR4 and IR5 MCT).
  • GPC-QC: Simplified and fully automated GPC instrument aimed at control laboratories in polyolefin production plants.
  • CRYSTAF: Innovative and fast approach to the Chemical Composition Distribution analysis in Polyolefins needing a single temperature cycle.
  • TREF: Fully automated instrument to perform the classical technique for the characterization of the CCD in Polyolefins.
  • CRYSTAF-TREF: CRYSTAF and TREF techniques are available in the same equipment for a full Chemical Composition Distribution characterization.
  • CEF: High-throughput Chemical Composition Distribution analyzer with results every 30 min. and capability of running 70 samples with no supervision required.
  • CFC: Automated and benchtop cross-fractionation instrument to analyze the bivariate distribution in Polyolefins by TREF and GPC.
  • TGIC: Innovative technique for the analysis of low crystallinity polyolefins implemented by a fully automated instrument based on the CEF platform.
  • SGIC 2D: Automated instrument that measures composition and its molar mass interdependence by SGIC combined with GPC/SEC.
  • CRYSTEX: Automated Xylene Solubles measurement with no manual solvents handling, including sample preparation and final cleaning.
  • CRYSTEX QC: Reliable and full automated instrument for amorphous phase determination in PP/EP Manufacturing Quality Control laboratories.
  • CRYSTEX 42: A high-throughput and easy to use system for simultaneous measurement of the soluble fraction, ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity in a fully automated process for up to 42 samples.
  • IVA: Reliable and automated instrument for Intrinsic Viscosity Analysis of polymers with dissolution temperature up to 200°.
  • Hardware on demand.

Preparative Fractionation Instrumentation

  • PREP mc2: Preparative instrument to fractionate polymers by Molar Mass or Composition (TREF or CRYSTAF) with no hot solvents handling.
  • PREP C20: new column-based preparative fractionation instrument, capable to fractionate up to 20 grams of polymer.

Infrared Detectors

  • IR4: Polymer Char’s well-known infrared detector for concentration and composition measurement in Polyolefins for GPC, HPLC, TREF...
  • IR5 MCT: An integrated, very sensitive infrared detector for highly demanding applications in GPC, HPLC and other separation techniques.

Data Acquisition Modules

  • Data Unit 200: Versatile signals acquisition device to link any vendor GPC instrument with Polymer Char’s GPC acquisition and calculations unit.

Accessories for Polyolefin Characterization Laboratories

  • EFS: External Filtration system that removes carbon black and other small residues from samples prior to their analysis.
  • SHT: Solvent Handling Trolley to transfer, empty and refill large volumes of heavy solvent between instruments and the reservoir and waste stations.


  • GPC One Software: the most comprehensive GPC Calculations Software available in the market integrating all detectors signals in the same package.

Analytical Services

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