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IR4 Application Notes

Following you will find Application Notes about IR4:

Accurate Determination of Ethylene Content and Xylene Solubles in EP Copolymers by CRYSTEX-IR.
Based on the Poster displayed at the 3rd International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC), Shanghai, China.
A. Ortin, L. Romero, B. Monrabal.

Chemical Composition Analysis of Polyolefins by Multiple Detection GPC-IR5.
LCGC North America. The Application Notebook.
June 2011.
W. W. Yau, A. Ortín, P. del Hierro.

Dedication to Polyolefins.
Plastics Engineering. Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).
September 2011. Pages 58-59.

Engineering Advances in High Temperature GPC instrumentation.
The Column.
Volume 7, Issue 7, 2011. Pages 8-15.
B. Monrabal, W. W. Yau.

High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatograph (GPC/SEC) with integrated IR5 MCT detector for Polyolefin Analysis: a breakthrough in sensitivity and automation.
Published at The Applications Book (LCGC) Europe and North America. 2012.
B. Monrabal, J. Sancho-Tello, J. Montesinos, R. Tarín, A. Ortín, P. del Hierro, M. Bas.

High Temperature GPC Analysis of Polyolefins with Infrared Detection.
Published at The Applications Book (LCGC) North America, Europe and Asia. 2009.
B. Monrabal, J. Sancho-Tello.

Plastics Engineering and Testing.
Plastics Engineering. Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).
October 2011. Pages 10-16.

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