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Data Unit 200 Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that acquiring a lab instrument is an important decision, furthermore if Polyolefins’ research is related with your core business.

Although you can ask directly to our consultants whenever you want, you may prefer to know first the answers to the most typical questions about our instruments. Here are packed the most relevant questions about the Data Unit 200.



Which is the purpose of the Data Unit 200?
The Data Unit 200 is an A/D interface that links external providers’ GPC instruments with Polymer Char’s GPC One Software modules.

How many instruments and signals can be connected to the Data Unit 200?
The Data Unit 200 is available in configurations with 4 or 8 analog channels and 4 digital channels (DI/DO), which can be used as injection signals. Thus, up to a maximum of 4 instruments or 8 analog signals can be connected to one Data unit.

Is the Data Unit 200 provided together with any software package?
The Data Unit 200 is provided together with the Data Unit Control and Acquisition Software, intended to collect all the analog signals connected from the different instruments and save data as injection files and also as chart recorder files, so no information at all from the analysis is lost.

How can I connect the Data Unit 200 to my computer?
The Data Unit 200 can be connected through USB, LAN or WiFi interfaces connections to the computer.

Which are the dimensions of the Data Unit 200?
The Data Unit 200 dimensions are 15.5 x 7 x 4.5 cm.

Which instruments is Data Unit 200 compatible with?
Any GPC instrument with analog outputs can be connected to the Data Unit 200, as well as any instrument, detector, or system which generates analog outputs.

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