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CRYSTAF Features

  • Analysis of up to 5 samples simultaneously.
  • Analysis time of 8 hours for 5 samples under standard conditions.
  • Fully automated process including a final cleaning of the lines and vessels. No manpower and no solvents handling along the whole process.
  • One single temperature cycle needed.
  • Possibility of calibrating the instrument to obtain the CCD curve in comonomer content units.
  • Analysis of one sample in 2 hours for Quality Control needs through isothermal steps conditions.
  • Infrared Detector IR4 incorporated.
  • Low solvent consumption.
  • Possibility of subambient capability (down to -20ºC) for low crystallinity samples.
  • Virtual Instrumentation software with whole control of the instrument hardware and process.
  • Possibility of converting it into a CRYSTAF-TREF instrument.
  • Possibility of remote control connection to allow fast diagnosis from Polymer Char Service Center.

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