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Chemical Composition Distribution Products

Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) together with the Molar Mass Distribution (MMD) and their interdependence define the microstructure of a Polyolefin. CCD is often the most discriminating feature of a complex Polyolefin.

Some instruments in Polymer Char’s range are available for this purpose:


    Innovative and fast approach to the Chemical Composition Distribution analysis in Polyolefins needing a single temperature cycle.
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  • TREF

    Fully automated instrument to perform the classical technique for the characterization of the CCD in Polyolefins.
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    CRYSTAF and TREF techniques are available in the same equipment for a full Chemical Composition Distribution characterization.
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  • CEF

    High-throughput Chem.Composition Distribution analyzer with results every 30 min. and capability of running 42 samples unattended.
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  • TGIC

    Innovative technique for the analysis of low crystallinity polyolefins implemented by a fully automated instrument.
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