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CFC Software

The CFC Virtual Instrumentation Software controls the whole analytical process combining GPC and TREF techniques to obtain the bivariate distribution. The whole process is automated from the sample preparation to a final cleaning of lines and columns, therefore, there is no solvent handling and when the instrument finishes the analysis, it is ready to start a new run.

Analysis conditions are flexible so they can be specifically adapted to each sample requirements; software can manage all needed TREF fractions in temperature steps down to 1ºC resolution. Additionally, parameters related to the analytical process such as cooling and heating rates, volume, temperature and time among others can be set from the software analysis conditions screen for each run. As the set of conditions used for a certain run can be saved as a method file to be loaded at any time, the start of the analysis can be as simple as putting the samples into the vials in the autosampler room temperature tray and pressing the Start button in the software. Results can be reviewed and calculated when its analytical process is finished, even though the instrument is running other samples.

The CFC Software includes a powerful calculations package, capable of obtaining directly the 3 dimensional graph to study the interdependence of the Molar Mass and the Chemical Composition Distribution of each sample. In addition to the 3D plot, the GPC and TREF recovered profiles are calculated too. Molar mass average values for each TREF fraction are provided as well.

Analyzed samples can be reviewed, overlaid, printed, etc… at any time thanks to the database installed in the CFC Software package and linked to the calculations screens. Raw and processed data can be exported to ASCII format.

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