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CFC Application Notes

Following you will find Application Notes about CFC:

Comprehensive Microstructure Characterization of Polyolefins by Automated Cross-Fractionation Chromatography (CFC).
Published at The Applications Book (LCGC) North America and Europe. 2010.
A.Ortin, B. Monrabal, P. del Hierro.
Complete high resolution cross-fractionation of Polyolefins in the molar mass and composition dimensions is achieved with a new benchtop CFC analytical instrument. This method has no information loss on the polymer microstructure heterogeneity. Operational details and examples of real data are presented, highlighting the results as contour and surface plots.

Dedication to Polyolefins.
Plastics Engineering. Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).
September 2011. Pages 58-59.

Plastics Engineering and Testing.
Plastics Engineering. Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).
October 2011. Pages 10-16.

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