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CEF Overview

Crystallization Elution Fractionation (CEF) is a new approach to measure the Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) in Polyolefins by combining CRYSTAF and TREF separation mechanisms. It is of special interest for high speed analysis.

CEF instrument is a simple and reliable instrument, requiring only an injection valve, a packed column, a pump and an IR detector. The autosampler, attached to the CEF oven, deals with samples dissolution in vials of 10 or 20mL. The instrument has the capability to analyze 42 samples a day with no supervision required.

The Virtual Instrumentation software controls the full process, therefore no manpower is required. Samples are put into the vials and the instrument performs the solvent filling, dissolution, column loading and temperature cycles combined with pump flow control. At the end of the analysis, lines and column are cleaned and the CEF is ready to analyze more samples.

The concentration of the sample is measured by an Infrared detector (Polymer Char IR4 or IR5 MCT), which can also offer information about comonomer content. More information can be obtained by adding Viscometer detector.

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