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CEF Overview

Crystallization Elution Fractionation (CEF) is a new approach for measuring Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) in polyolefins by combining CRYSTAF and TREF separation mechanisms. The instrument includes the capability of performing TREF and TGIC* techniques.

CEF is a simple and reliable apparatus, requiring an injection valve, a packed column, a pump, and an IR detector. The autosampler, attached to the CEF oven, takes care of sample dissolution in vials of 10 or 20 mL. The instrument can analyze up to 50 samples a day with disposable glass vials. The virtual instrumentation software controls the full process; therefore, no manpower is required. At the end of each sample analysis, the lines and the column are rinsed and CEF will continue with the analysis of the next sample in the queue.

The concentration of the sample is measured by an Infrared detector (IR4 or IR5 from Polymer Char), which also provides information about its comonomer content. More information on molar mass composition interdependence can also be obtained by adding a Viscometer detector. Optionally, the TREF column can be replaced by a TGIC* column in order to separate by adsorption and reach the composition range of elastomer resins.

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