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Bivariate Distribution Services

The direct measurement of the two-dimensional distribution by cross-fractionation in terms of both molar mass and chemical composition is the most comprehensive way of obtaining a full definition of the microstructure in Polyolefins, which could be further extended by the use of multiple detectors after the cross-fractionation process. This goal can be achieved by coupling GPC and TREF or TGIC techniques, because the separation power in each dimension, CCD by TREF or TGIC and MMD by GPC are combined to produce a comprehensive bivariate description of the polymer microstructure.

These results can be obtained by different sequential methods, and also directly by using a CFC Instrument, available in Polymer Char’s laboratory.

  • CFC Analysis

    Full bivariate distribution results provided in three dimensional plots thanks to the combination of TREF or TGIC and GPC.
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