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Benefits of Employment

Polymer Char’s work environment is ideal for professionals who are familiarized with:

  • Analytical Chemistry Industry.
  • Polymers Research field.
  • Engineering, Electronics and Software development.
  • Technical Service.

As well as for those who are aligned with its highest corporate values, such as:

  • Customer-orientation.
  • Quality approach.
  • Teamwork.

If you feel aligned with these values and your interests and career are focused on the Scientific and Technology industry, you might benefit working at Polymer Char by several ways:

1. Scientific Environment

More than 60% of Polymer Char’s Members are Chemists or Engineers. The company invests every year around 30% of its manpower resources in Research and Development, and the R&D team is constantly pushing new Projects.

2. Knowledge Transfer

Polymer Char’s team is continuously questing how it might do things better. The different points of view they bring lead to superior technical solutions for the Company and its Customers. This challenging atmosphere capitalizes on business and technology opportunities that enable higher levels of performance.

3. A real friendly Work Team

Polymer Char Members are individually and globally aligned to its Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility. To count with good people and to promote teamwork projects makes the working environment pleasant.

4. A Global Experience

The several projects of research where the Company works, with Petrochemicals companies, R&D Institutes or Analytical Departments of Universities, may also offer the applicant not only technical contrast, but also improve their knowledge sharing it with different prestigious institutions inside the Petrochemicals world.

In addition, Senior Chemists and Engineers of Polymer Char give lectures and attend Customers’ needs in over 20 countries across the 5 continents, where our instruments are distributed in.

Business-area applicants might also be able to attend some of the Tradeshows we exhibit in North America, Europe, Middle East or Asia.

5. High Standard of City Life: Valencia

You will certainly enjoy a high quality of life in this city, considered one of the greatest business and cultural capitals of the Mediterranean region. Its weather, culture and people, its gastronomic offer, the worldwide sports championships it celebrates such as the Formula 1, or the fantastic City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia; together with the Polymer Char team warm environment, should convert the opportunity of joining the Company in a whole experience, both professional and personal.

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