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PREP C20 Overview

PREP C20 is a fully-automated preparative pilot-plant-type equipment designed to fractionate, in a column's support, high amounts of polymer according to its chemical composition by a Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation (TREF) process, or according to its Molar Mass, by modifying the solvent power through a solvent-non solvent combination, typically in isothermal conditions.

A dry sample is put in a vessel and filled with solvent for dissolution. The sample solution is then loaded into a column where the fractionation takes place. The equipment fractionates the sample following the selected method's conditions and number of fractions, which can be eluted at the volumes desired. At the end, the vessel is rinsed and ready for the following fractionation.

The main steps in the preparative fractionation process (dissolution, column loading, crystallization, elution, and fraction collection) are performed in an automatic mode, thus, avoiding the need for handling hot and large amounts of solvent. It is precisely in its capacity of fully automating the fractionation of large amounts of polymer where the system holds its major benefit.

PREP C20 facilitates cross-fractionation studies (fractionation through TREF or Molar Mass and follow up analysis through GPC/SEC or TREF), that have been demonstrated to be a necessary tool to fully characterize resins. The fractions obtained can be further analyzed by spectroscopic techniques and can be used for micromechanical testing as well.

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