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CRYSTEX QC: Soluble Fraction for QC Polypropylene Plants

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Movie Title: Fully Automated Solution for Soluble Fraction measurement in Polypropylene at Process and QC Laboratories in Production Plants.
Language: English.
Duration: 4:34 minutes.
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Content Overview:

CRYSTEX QC is a fully-automated instrument designed for determining the soluble fraction in Polypropylene resins at Process and Quality Control laboratories in production plants.

Polypropylene is highly demanded in the industry due to the versatility of its uses in a wide range of product applications. High-impact copolymers incorporate a percentage of an amorphous fraction or rubber content to improve resin performance, and precise quantification of this fraction is essential to the production process. Such data is usually obtained through the use of gravimetric methods based on xylene solubility and traditional wet chemistry; which, in addition to being time consuming for operators, also require handling large amounts of solvent with safety implications.

CRYSTEX QC is an innovative approach for obtaining the soluble fraction in polypropylene through a fully-automated mode that is safer and simpler to use. The instrument also measures ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity in the same process.

In just a two and a half hour period, a complete analysis is performed obtaining results on: soluble fraction percentage, ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity of the whole sample, the amorphous fraction and the crystalline fraction.

All the information provided without weighing the sample, external filtration, or manual handling of hot solvent. After the process is completed, the instrument is ready to begin a new analysis.

CRYSTEX QC is an automated alternative for obtaining soluble fraction in Polypropylene with significant improvements in time, safety and precision.

Who can benefit from using CRYSTEX QC:

QC Labs at Polypropylene manufacturing plants, catalysts researchers of Polypropylene, and Polypropylene processors.

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