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CRYSTEX® QC Software

CRYSTEX QC is controlled by an intuitive and easy-to-use software that automates the analytical process and provides tools for instrument maintenance and advanced operations.

Two operation modes are available in the CRYSTEX QC software: Operator and Administrator. In Operator mode, the software allows routine analysis to be performed using the pre-defined Solubles Method, and results are automatically generated in a Results Report. Therefore, starting a run only involves putting the pellets or powder inside the analysis bottle and starting the software. In about 2 hours, the whole analytical process will be completed, including sample dissolution and analysis, and a Results Report is automatically generated in the computer screen. In Administrator mode, the analytical and data processing conditions can be optimized, calibration methods are available as well as review and re-processing of previously analyzed files.

Results from all the analyzed samples are stored in separate files in the computer's hard disk and organized in folders for convenient management of all the historical data. Xylene Solubles percentage is directly provided, as well as the concentration measured by the infrared detector; thus, there is no need of accurate sample weighing before starting the process. When additional detectors are incorporated to the CRYSTEX QC equipment, intrinsic viscosity results and ethylene (C2) content will be shown per sample as well, both for the parent sample and for the amorphous and crystalline fractions.

The CRYSTEX QC Software incorporates a manual mode to be operated by the Administrator or by Polymer Char engineers. This manual mode becomes a powerful tool since it functions as a Virtual Instrumentation interface for the instrument hardware to perform any action on any hardware element. Consequently, the user does not need to work manually at a high temperature nor handle solvents during maintenance or diagnosis tasks.

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