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CRYSTEX® QC Overview

CRYSTEX® QC is a step forward in technology for automating the Soluble Fraction determination (amorphous fraction) in polypropylene and other polyolefin resins. This is a reliable instrument for continuous operation in the manufacturing plant laboratory, with minimum bench-space and utilities requirements.

CRYSTEX® QC stands as a modern alternative to the traditional wet chemistry method based on xylene solubility, which is known for being very time consuming and for requiring constant manual handling of solvent at high temperature. In comparison, CRYSTEX® QC is very easy to operate, and obtaining the amorphous phase content in a shorter time. It also eliminates the need to handle solvent manually and it uses less flammable solvents than Xylene (TCB or oDCB), increasing the safety level in the laboratory.

The only manual task required is to put a representative amount of sample (up to 4g) in a disposable bottle, without the need of accurate weighing. The instrument then automates the entire analysis process, including dissolution, separation of the soluble fraction from the crystalline matrix, and analysis by the online detectors. This whole process takes 2.5 hours, and thanks to its self-cleaning capability, the instrument is then ready for the next sample analysis.

The crystalline and amorphous fractions are separated through a crystallization and re-dissolution temperature cycle within a proprietary TREF column. Precise quantification is achieved by means of an infrared detector that also delivers ethylene content information. Moreover, the instrument measures intrinsic viscosity by means of a built-in dual capillary viscometer. All results (concentration, ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity) are obtained for the whole sample, the amorphous fraction, and the crystalline fraction.

A Fully-automated analysis of multiple samples (up to 42), known to be homogenous (pelletized), can be performed using the same technology in the CRYSTEX® 42.

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