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CRYSTEX® QC Overview

The CRYSTEX QC instrument represents a step forward in technology for automation of the Soluble or Amorphous Fraction determination in polypropylene copolymers. This is a reliable instrument for continuous operation in the manufacturing plant laboratory with minimum bench space and utilities.

CRYSTEX QC overcomes all difficulties of the old-style gravimetric methods based on traditional wet chemistry. This modern quantitative chemical analysis method eliminates the use of any laboratory glassware, external filtration or extraction devices, as well as all the associated tedious manual operations.

A representative amount of sample (2 to 4 grams) in dry form is put by the operator in a 260mL disposable bottle without the need of accurate weighing. The instrument automates all the analysis process, including precise dosing of specified of the 200mL solvent volume, control of sample dissolution, separation of soluble fraction from crystalline matrix and injection to the online detectors.

The crystalline and amorphous fractions are separated through a crystallization and re-dissolution temperature cycle within a TREF column with optimized packing. Accurate and precise quantification is achieved by means of an infrared detector, so no analytical balance is used in CRYSTEX QC method. Unlike other semi-automated approaches, no handling of any solvent by the operators is required for the CRYSTEX QC analysis, which improves the safety and health levels in the laboratory. Furthermore, temperature is monitored and controlled accurately at all key points.

The entire analytical process takes 2.5 hours starting when the sample is put into the vial up to final results, being ready once again for consecutive sample analyses.

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